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Communication through Matrix in your hackathon project!


I'm sure a lot of apps/projects will want to have a real-time communication component - and I wanted to quickly tell you about a new initiative called Matrix.org, which provides a *totally* different way of doing it:

Matrix is a non-profit open initiative, publishing a new open standard for interoperable HTTP-based instant messaging and VoIP - as well as some open source reference Python implementations you can run yourself to host the service. The long-term goal is to make VoIP and IM as flexible, decentralised and ubiquitous as email!

- Creating and managing fully distributed chat rooms with no single points of control or failure
- Eventually-consistent cryptographically secure synchronisation of room state across a global open network of federated servers and services
- Sending and receiving extensible messages in a room with (optional) end-to-end encryption
- Inviting, joining, leaving, kicking, banning room members
- Managing user accounts (registration, login, logout)
- Using 3rd Party IDs (3PIDs) such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook accounts to authenticate, identify and discover users on Matrix.
- Placing 1:1 VoIP and Video calls

Matrix is *very* new - we only launched last month, but is already very usable to be used in your hackathon projects.

Please go to http://matrix.org and read all about us and check us out - we would love to see projects use Matrix as their messaging solution at TC! We are also happy to help out with any integration issues - you can get in touch via Matrix at http://matrix.org/alpha - and we will of course be at the TC hackathon event itself!



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    Hi! I can't register at http://matrix.org/alpha.
    Can you please have a look for me?

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi daeus,

    Looks like everything is working fine, are you getting an error message? What browser are you using?

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi dbkr,
    It works fine if I removed my email address from the registration form. No response, no error message if email address exists.

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi daeus, did you get it working? I can't see you in #matrix:matrix.org

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    TheLastApp: interesting question! The most obvious option is perhaps that Matrix lets you build your own 'open hangouts' platform that isn't dependent on any single provider, therefore giving people the control over their communication, together with all the social impact that implies.

    For sustainability, one idea would be to use Matrix to let your smart devices report back their status in order to make it easy to keep a good overview - kind of like a combined status report over all your devices (lights/heaters/AC/etc) in your home/office/etc.

    As for CSR - you could use chat and even video-streaming over Matrix for international conference calls instead of flying people over, and set up a support room on your website where people can talk or use VoIP or video to get help instead of having to physically go to your store.

    These are just suggestions - there will be many other potential uses - and this is the very cool thing with Matrix!

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