almost 5 years ago

Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

almost 5 years ago

Presentation Order

Team No. Submission Title
1 Voyager
2 Amicis
3 CrowdFit
4 seeusoon
5 ClotheMe
6 Circuit
7 Passage
8 Gee!
9 Slang
10 Crarbon steel Man Renders the World
11 ExtenderNote
12 Yammer SMS Blaster
13 Movie Nights
14 StackTimer
15 honeyiamok
16 BFFLend
17 Movidiam @ Disrupt
18 Vocablurry
19 Iron in your blood app
20 Newsly
21 Laplock
22 Ohno!
23 Pocket Waiter
24 SentiMentile
25 hujambo
26 SSiDing
27 Vuurvliegje
28 Wakey Wakey
29 A Colourful World
30 Lightning
31 Monopoly - Real Life Edition
32 Infected Flight - Disease Mapper
33 Crowdless
34 WET. CO

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almost 5 years ago

Submitting For Review

Hey Hackers

20 mins left to go!

Make sure you have clicked Submit for Review on your drafts. 


almost 5 years ago

Final Details!

Hey Hackers

Less than an left to go! There are some final details to help you…

The deadline is 9:30am sharp! Don’t be that person who misses the chance to present. Make sure you have selected all the sponsor prizes you are applying for and listed your teammates. 

The screen for the demo session is 16:9 supporting 1920 x 1080 & 1280 x 720. There are also connections for mobile devices and an overhead camera. 

You don’t need to submit your code on ChallengePost - especially if you want to keep it private. ChallengePost is all about showing your hack to…

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almost 5 years ago

Awesome Sponsors & Awesome Prizes!

Hey Hackers, here's a recap of the sponsor prizes....

Remember to check them off on your submission!


500 GBP for the winning team exhibiting the best use of the CrunchBase API.


$5,000 prize for best use of Esri technologies ($2,500 cash + $2,500 online subscription.) Are you using maps or location services? Check out our developer tools at Check out more examples and documentation at


The best overall app in [design, utility, api, originality] that works with the Evernote API. All members (4 max) receive an iPad mini

Intel Mashery

Intel will be offering…

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about 5 years ago

Learn about Sponsor APIs & Find teammates

Hi Hackers

Not long now until this weekend's hackathon kicks off. Are you excited?

Right now API sponsors from Matrix, Paymill & Zalando are in the forums to answer your questions

You are also use the Participants page to find some awesome people to hack with. Checkout this blog post if you want some tips on getting your portfolio to draw in other hackers. 

See you Saturday!