•   about 9 years ago

Are there some companies who will want us to use their API?


I am curious what's the deal with API workshops at 2pm. Will there be some companies who will want us to try do something cool with their APIs?

I am thinking of ideas which I could implement during the hackathon and the project I'll choose to make depends a lot on whether some APIs are preferred other the others.



  •   •   about 9 years ago


    If you would like to implement payments in your hack we would be happy to see you use PAYMILL. We're always curious about what people can build with our API. Personally I fly quadcopters with it :)

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Hiya! We are an open-source project called Matrix who would love to see projects use our APIs! We focus on providing real-time communication - whether that is via text, audio or VoIP - but technically we just provide ways to send and receive messages or even data - so there's a lot of potential use-cases!

    Read more at Matrix.org or get in touch if you have questions or ideas!

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Nexmo is offering a prize for the newly release Number Insight API, would love to have you build something cool with that.

    Also prizes for best use overall and most creative use of our platform. The sponsor prizes aren't public on the site yet - so that's all I'll say.

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