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Quickly implement payments in your hack without pain with PAYMILL

Hi all. I'm Yann the Developer Evangelist at PAYMILL.

We are a german company aiming at making credit cart payments integration dead simple to all european merchants.

We provide a REST API and wrappers for most of the popular languages as well as an Android and IOS SDKs.

Having a payments integration ready in your application is just a matter of minutes. Beside that we don't impose any workflow. No redirections, no third party payment page. You can easily build in app payments that preserve user experience.

My team and I are very excited about meeting you all this week-end. Until then feel free to ask questions. I'll be able to provide you with answers as quickly as possible.


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    Hi, I saw your company once at a HN meetup

    I am wondering what is the difference now between your API and Stripe's API

    What are the benefits/limitations when using PAYMILL in comparison with Stripe?

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    The core APIs are very similar and offer the same kind of features. Maybe on some specific use-cases regarding subscriptions, Stripe would offer more options for now.

    The benefits we bring compared to Stripe are not directly on a technical level. We support more payment methods and provide merchants with more security and fraud check options. 3D Secure being one of them.

    The major drawback we have is of course that we cannot address merchants located outside Europe at the moment.

    Another benefit specifically regarding the TC Disrupt Hackathon is that our team will be present on-site and will be able to provide help for the implementation if needed of course :)

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